Entry #2: How I Style My Outfit With A White T-shirt

Hi guys!!! Its me again, Joy Galvez your fashion blogger. On todays blog I will show you guys how I style my plain white T-shirt. The pictures below were captured by my classmate and yes I’m the one who’s in the pictures. Also, some dresses are not mine and I just borrowed it from my sister. So now let’s start!

1.) White T-shirt + Black Skater Skirt On this outfit, I just folded the sleeves of the shirt and insert it to the skirt. You may add some accessories guys but not too much because too much is bad. Aside from wedge heels that I used on this style you can also try using white shoes.

2.) White T-shirt + Denim Skirt This looks like I’m having a prod on a pageant. Kidding. The second outfit is I also folded its sleeves and the lower part of the shirt. On this, I only use pearl earings for accessories to look more simple.

3.) White T-shirt + Jumper Shorts It looks like I’m a jolly person here even I’m not. Now guys if you have a jumper shorts you can try it like what I did and also partner it with a messy bun hairstyle. You can also add a choker for accessories if you want too.

4.) White T-shirt + Ripped Jeans This also looks simple. I just folded the sleeves of it and inserted the front part of the shirt and the back just hanged. Everyone can try this one, just wear it with your confidence.

5.) White T-shirt + Square Pants Of all those pictures above, this one is my favorite. Its very comfortable to wear and looks great. Also, you may try it with some jewelries and stilettos. And that’s all of my ideas on how I style my outfit with a white T-shirt. You can try this to yourslef and try to explore for a new style. Hope you guys enjoyed it!!!

Special thanks to these two beautiful ladies who helped me on this blog. I love you guys!


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