Entry #3: 3 Ways How I Style My White Pants

Hello everyone !!! I’m back again and today I’m gonna show you 3 ideas on how I style my outfit with my high- waisted white pants. So now let’s start!

1.) Shoulder Cut Outs

Well this is one of my favorite because it looks classy and it’s comfortable to wear. I also loved the color and it blends to my white pants.

2.) Crop Tops

Since it was a high waisted pants, crop tops are also good. But I’m not recommending it to those who have strict boyfriends. Also try to partner it with dark shade of colors.

3.) Off Shoulder Tops

I think this one is also good for everyone because it adds more sexiness to your body. Another idea is you can try to do it with a messy bun hairstyle and a choker for your accessories.

And that’s all the 3 ideas on how I style may outfit with my high waisted white pants. I know there’s a lot more you can try so just continue to explore styling.

Again, a lot of thank you to those people who helped me in this blog. I love you!


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