Entry #32: Valentine’s Day Fashion Ideas

Happy Valentines to everyone!!! And welcome again to my blog. Since its valentines day, I will share a fashion idea that fits on todays occasion. I saw this in the internet and I hope you can get ideas from these. So now lets start!






Disclaimer: All the ideas that mentioned above are not mine and not used to promote something.

For more ideas just visit this link:


Thank you and and hope you enjoy this entry.


Entry #31: Peachy-Peachy Match

Halloooo guys!!! I am Joy Galvez your fashion blogger and welcome to my blog. For todays topic I just want to show my outfit for this day. We went to the mall first but unfortunately I forgot to take some pictures of mine there so I decided to go in Makati Park before going home to take some pictures. So there it is!

On this outfit I’m wearing:

Peach Colored Blouse

Denim Skirt

Cream colored Doll Shoes

That’s all guys! What do you think? If you have any suggestions or questions do not hesitate to comment it to the comment section. Thank you!!!

Entry #30: What’s with the Collar Bones ?!

Halloooo guys!!! It’s me again, Joy Galvez your fashion blogger. In this picture I remember my classmate when she wishes to have a body like mine. Well actually I don’t have a perfect body and I’m also too skinny. Anyways, this is a fashion blog so let’s start discussing about my outfit.

In this outfit I wear:

Off-Shoulder Tops

Denim Skirt

White Shoes

Wrist Watch as an accessory

Since summer is approaching, this outfit is kinda good for every girls who wants to feel comfortable even the temperature is hot. But since I have a skin-bone type of body, I’m not suggesting this to everyone especially to those who are very sensitive to their body. Also, it is better to wear any outfit that you’re comfortable with.

That’s all guys. Thank you!!!

Entry #29: Something New

Hi everyone !!! I am Joy Galvez your fashion blogger and welcome to my blog! For todays blog I’m gonna show you this kind of outfit and also it is my first time to have this combination. So what are we waiting for? Lets start!

In this style I wear:

Denim Jacket

White Undershirt

Denim Skirt

White Shoes

So how do you think of it? If you also have those clothes like mine, I suggested you to try it. It’s very comfortable and looks very inice in my opinion. I’m also accepting any suggestions and comments just feel free to comment it to the comment section. Thank you!!!

Entry #28: Maroon//Black

Hi everyone!!! Oh yes I’m back ! And welcome to blog. For today I just want to share my outfit when we had our defense last year.

On this outfit I’m wearing:

Black Colored Pencil Skirt

Maroon Colored Off-Shoulder

Cream Colored Doll Shoes

This was not taken on my actual defense day and I just rewear it so that I can able to show you my outfit when we had our defense on practical research.

Another reminder is that on the actual presentation I’m wearing a white blazer to look more formal but unfortunately as you can see I’m not wearing any blazer because I wasn’t able to find it in my cabinet.

So thats it guys. I hope you like it and if you have any questions or suggestion just feel free to comment it to the comment section. Thank you and have a nice day !!!

Entry #27: Fancy Make-Ups

Hi everyone!!! I am Joy Galvez and welcome to my fashion blog. For today I will you show you my make-up kit that I’m using in my blog. To be honest guys, Im not the one who put on my make-ups  because I don’t really know how to use it. So now,let’s get started!

The pictures above are:

Eye Shadow 

Different kinds of Make-up Brush


Make-up for Eyebrows 

Lip and Cheek Tint 


Lip Balm

And that’s all guys. Thank you! 

Entry #26: The Cinderella’s Shoes

Hi everyone, welcome again to my blog. For today I’ll show you again my collections of my doll shoes. Doll shoes is my favorite foot wear. I usually wear this wherever I go. So now, there it is! 

So there it is! I also have a brown color doll shoes but I wasn’t able to find and take a picture of it. So sad. Anyways, that’s all guys. Have a good day/night. Thank you!